FOW – Future of Work Journal, Entry 1

We care about Work. Introducing the Future of Work Guild.

At etventure, employees are working in self-organized guilds, to  transfer individual theoretical detail knowledge into collective action. On one hand, the guilds prepare and distribute their internal and external detailed knowledge and on the other hand, their diverse composition of the team enables them to put their knowledge into a new context..

This journal invites you to accompany the Future of Work (FOW) Guild’s journey. Also, see our work in progress definitions on future of work.

What is Future Of Work (to us)?

“As entrepreneurs, we strive to provide value – not just for business – but society as well.” What does our etventure vision have in common with other visions? Yes. It sounds nice but after all it is still a very broad statement. But when we break it down into pieces, it comes down to why, what and how we want to do things in our every-day (working) lives.

What do we want to do?

All FOW members deal with digitization on a daily basis. We believe that digitization will change the world radically, including the way we work (or don’t work). As drivers of digitization, we not only want to play an active part in forming the change but also deal responsibly with its consequences. In our first sessions (find out more about our working modes) we defined what we want to do and how we want to work. As focus areas for our group, we agreed on the following:

  • Future of Work Hypotheses (MVP) – develop, test, document and publish different hypotheses regarding the Future of Work within etventure. We will use a Design Thinking approach to come up and validate new ideas. Our goal is to test at least 2 hypotheses per quarter and create a detailed report at the end of the year including research, best practices and case studies from our own tests.
  • Future of Work Network – build a network around the Future of Work. That means we want to get in touch with experts and organizations that are relevant for that topic. Also we want to establish ourselves as experts on the Future of Work. Our goal is to publish 2 blog posts, have one speaker appearance and/or conduct 1 meetup on the Future of Work per quarter.
  • Future of Work Products – last but not least etventure is a business. So in order to make sure that the outcomes of our guild have a positive business impact as well, we want to use our findings and experience to create a Future of Work Portfolio, that we can offer to our clients in form of input sessions, workshops or learning journeys. Our goal is to create at least 2 products per quarter in various formats.

With the journal, we want to:

  1. document & reflect our activities & progress
  2. give others the opportunity to learn
  3. experimenting with organizational transparency (inspired by Buffer)

We hope you enjoy this journey with us as much as we do! Feel free to contact us and collaborate!

Greeting, Nicole!


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